Bike Riding Feature on our trip to Holland.

Annually myself Duncan and our friend Mike, take a trip over to Holland to watch the BriSCA F1 Stock car racing at Venray. We go a few days before the actual racing to have a small holiday. Over the last 4 years the hotel we have been staying at is Heerenwaard at Afferden, they have loaned us some bikes. We now have a cycling day and get to leave the car at the hotel for a day.

As you maybe aware Holland has to be the bike capital of the world. Certainly cyclists are at the top of the road food chain, with dedicated bike paths, underpasses, bridges, traffic signals etc. Its a great place to ride and with the majority of the county being flat you can cover high distances.

This year I thought I would get some pictures and share them with you. If you ever go to Holland I recommend you hire or take a bike out and enjoy this lovely country!

We took a ride from Heerenwaard, where we were staying, up to this lovely Dutch town. Its name escapes me right now. This is the town hall building in the center.
The main street.

Duncan and Mike consult one of the many maps around the area. These are very useful in finding your away around the area. They also help to find shops and places to eat.

This is a simple idea that would benefit cyclists and walkers in England.

A typical big road junction in Holland. There is plenty of provision for cyclists. On some junctions cyclists get the right of the way!

This was a bit un-nerving when approaching a junction. I am used to being 2nd or 3rd class on the roads and being very very careful on main junctions.


A selection of shots as we rode back South to the town of Boxmeer.

To the left and below is a ferry across the river Maas. These ferry's are attached to a fixed steel rope and just cross from one side to another.

They make very useful connections for walkers, cyclists, cars and tractors. We find them fascinating as we don't have anything like this in England.

A close up of the ferry. They are roll on roll off with the control room in the middle. You can also see our 3 hire bikes. Traditional sit up Dutch bikes, which were very comfortable and easy to ride.

I think this ferry trip cost us 50 cent each. Not bad!

A shot of the cable system to which the ferry is connected to.
A few shots from the ferry looking at the traffic using the river. As you can see these inland waterways are well used.

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