This is the description of a 6 mile loop around Bury, I started from Bolton Road Methodist Church on the A58 but you could start any where on the loop.

The starting point for me on this bike ride was Bolton Road Methodist Church on the A58. Turn off Bolton road on to the new housing estate and follow the road round the back of the church.
To get on to the old Bury Bolton railway turn on to Kingston Close. There is a entrance on to the railway is between the two houses.

Start of the Cycle path on the Bury Bolton railway line. You can see ramp going up to the new housing estate, and where the line did continue towards Bolton.


The frist cross roads on the Bury Bolton railway I turned right to go to Elton Reservoir (Manchester Bolton & Bury Reservoir). Which takes you on to the road and turn right towards the reservoir.
The picture below is the line straight into Bury.
The picture below is another way on the railway from Buller Street

At the sailing club take the left road. You can see, on the left hand side of the picture, a little blue arrow showing the way.

The lane takes you down to what was Benny's Nightclub, now being rebuilt after a fire as you can see.


From the canal bridge at Benny's nightclub - Picture on the left showing the Bury, Bolton and Manchester canal going into Bury. Picture on the right show the route I took on the canal going to Radcliffe.
A couple of bridges the canal passes under.
Below is the first disused railway you come across on the canal the bridge as you can see this has been taken down. The line was a spur from Bury Radcliffe line to Bradley fold.

The cycle route he turns right down towards Coney Green high School. The canal carries on to Radcliffe, plus you can see a second railway bridge that has been taken down. It was for the old Bradley fold to Radcliffe Central railway line.


Entering on to Spring lane and turning right toward Radcliffe Metro link Station.

Go along Spring Street under the Metro link bridge and turn left at the roundabout onto Bury Road Radcliffe.


Go long Bury Road Radcliffe, then turn left on to Ribchester Drive, then right into Inglewhite Close. At the End is a cycle path turn right to go behind the to High Schools.

This path bring you out at Manchester Old Road. Then cycled up to Baron Street and turn right.

Below left is looking back from Baron street across Manchester Road looking at the bridge for the Mertolink.

Below right is looking down Baron Street in the distance is the work shed for the East Lancs Railway.


Looking towards Bury at the ELR sheds.
Looking away from Bury at the ELR sheds.

Baron Street brings you out at St Gabriels R.C. High School. In the foreground you can see the old Bury to Bolton railway embankment.

Below left is another shot of the embankment back towards the old Knowsley Street station.

Below right is the ramp up to the railway line.

On the bridge looking away from Bury.
On the other side of the bridge looking back to Bury.
A bridge over the old Bury to Bolton railway, which is the access road to the Elton Reservoir sailing club plus what was Florence Nightingale Hospital.
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