This section is spilt up by starting place. However most can be joined at differant places.
Bike rides starting in -

Bike rides starting in Bury.

September 2006

Bury to Walkden and Back via Bolton

Via the Bury, Bolton, Manchester Canal, The Eccles to Bolton (Great Moor Street) disused railway line and back on the Bury to Bolton disused railway line.

21 Miles

March 2006

Bury to Clifton and Back

Via the Bury, Bolton, Manchester Canal and back on the disused railway from Clifton Junction to Radcliffe.

15 Miles

January 2006

Bury to Bolton Greyhound stadium and Back

Via the Bury, Bolton, Manchester Canal and back on the A58 Bury, Bolton Road.

15 Miles

December 2005

Bolholt (Bury) to Helmshore and back

Via Holcombe Brook branch line, Stubbins ant helmshore line and back via Wamlersley

20 Miles

August 2005

Bury to Holcombe Brook and Back.

Via Affetside, Holcombe Brook branch line and the Bury, Bolton line.

13 Miles
April 2005

Bury to Denton

Via the disused railway from Radcliffe to Clifton Junction and Bury, Bolton, Manchester Canal

20 Miles
January 2005

Short Ride Around Bury

A mainly flat route taking in Bury, Bolton and Manchester canal and the old Bury to Bolton railway line.

6 Miles.


Bike rides starting in Denton.

Mileage and Route info
July 2005

Huddersfield Canal

A Bike ride from Audenshaw to Diggle, via Ashton U Lyne, Stalybridge and Mossley.

.The canal has recently been restored and past Stalybridge takes in some fantastic views across the Tame Valley.

A challenging, but rewarding 28 mile bike ride up the tow path of the Huddersfield canal from Audenshaw to Diggle
June 2005

Fallowfield Loop 2

This covers the Fallowfield loop at the Fairfield end, which was converted in to a cycle/path way later than the original route. Eventually we will graft this on to the main Fallowfield Loop page.

Approx 2 miles in length. All tarmac. Well signposted. Flat.
June 2005

The Godley Link Line

Another cycle/path way on an old railway line. (a vital artitary from the Woodhead route) This runs from Hyde to Godley. The route we covered started in Denton, where we followed the canal to Gee Cross and Hyde. A good complete route to follow, lots to see along the way.

The link route is around 4 miles in length, however from Denton you need to add around 6 more each way. The canal tow path can be muddy, but the link line is tarmac. Flat.
June 2005

The Stockport Branch Canal

This is looking at part of the Manchester to Ashton canal. Specifically the Stockport Branch canal that used to run through Gorton and Reddish. At the Gorton end you can follow the original route of the line, as it has been converted in to a pathway. The canal through Reddish has mostly been lost to re-development.

From Denton, this is around 10 miles round trip. Flat, easy to ride and in places is well signposted. Some road riding involved.
May 2005

Fallowfield Loop

A purpose built cycle/path way through South Manchester. Built on an old railway, this route runs from Gorton (Debdale Park), through Burnage, Fallowfield, Didsbury to Chorlton.

The first route we covered and is well recommended due to being all tarmac, well signposted and great facilities for cyclists.

Approx 12 miles round trip. All tarmac. Well signposted. Flat. Some road riding involved, but if you stay on the loop you wont see many cars!
May 2005

The Marple Canal

From Denton to Marple along various canals. This takes you through some great countryside, in some places it hard to know you are in Manchester! A great route to hop on and off t various places.

From Denton, the round trip was 23 miles. All tow paths which can be muddy in places. Watch out for walkers, as it can be narrow. Take your lights - a tunnel can be rode through!
February 2005

The Deadline - Reddish Vale

A cycle route starting from Houldsworth Sq, Reddish. Going via the Reddish Vale visitor centre, taking the old railway line to Stockport (now converted in to pathway), and back through the roads of Brinnington.

Great views across the Tame valley in Reddish. Also some original railway infrastructure visable and ridable.

Approx 9 miles in length, flat with one big up incline. A mixture of tarmac and dirt paths, these can be muddy in places. Take your lights! You can travel through an old railway tunnel! Some road riding.


Bike rides starting in Rawtenstall

February 2006

Rawtenstall to Bacup and Back

To Bacup on the A681 and back ia the road and railway line.

13 Miles