Stubbins to Helmshore

Version1.1 - 9th August 2006

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We have took quite a ride to get this point. From Holcombe Brook we rode (on the road) through Ramsbottom to Stubbins.

Here we came off the Stubbins Lane and took the smaller, Vale road which runs parallel to the railway.

Here the ELR preserved line runs too, however their line to Rawtenstall bears off to the right, while the old line to Accrington, via Helmshore, runs to the left.

Here we are at the top of Vale road, where the disused line passes above. We took the smaller access road to the left to get on to the line. We found out the route is part of the National cycle route - number 6.

A couple of shots taken from the bridge over Vale road.
We liked the design of the bridge here - quite unusual.

You can just see the ELR preserved railway line running from left to right (through the trees).

This was taken from the disused line.


Sadly this is a bit blurred, it had started raining at this point, and my hands were getting a bit cold!

Anyway this is the view up towards Helmshore. As you can (just) see there is a dedicated cycle/path way starting here.

Further up the route we came across this viaduct which takes the railway over the Irwell. In fact the Irwell snakes along this route and the railway crosses it at numerous places.

We are in a location called Alderbottom.

This is view from the viaduct looking down to the ELR railway. Its quite a view from this viaduct, I bet the views are a lot better too when it isn't raining!



Here is the viaduct that took the railway over the Irwell at Lumb. Unfortunately this viaduct is not open to cross. However we have heard that in the future it may be re-opened.

This picture doesn't really give this structure justice. Its a spectacular viaduct that will be great to cross once re-opened.

Pictures below taken on another bike ride we did further up the line towards Helmshore.

After the line again from Irwell Vale this picture is taken from a farm lane looking back towards the above viaduct.
Looking towards Helmshore from the same farm lane.
After going down on the the line in the previous picture, this picture was taken looking back to Irwell Vale
From the same farm lane but looking towards Helmshore.
A dismantled bridge across the line.
The next viaduct which is unfortunately fenced off.
Same viaduct looking the other way.
After going back to Irwell vale you can pass under the fenced off viaduct (pictured above) and follow the path up to Helmshore.

Above Left - A wooden post on the Helmshore Road.

Above Middle - The old signal box.

Above Right - After going through the housing estate on the other side of the road from the signal box we rejoined the line here.

Right - At the top of the stairs looking towards Haslingden. We followed this part of the line all the way to Grane Road.

We hope to cover this line in more detail later when we have more time.

Thanks Jon and Dunc.

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