Reddish Depot (Stockport).

Version 2 - Updated 18th April 2006

I was around the Reddish area visiting my parents and I thought I would take a quick trip down to the old Reddish Depot site to see if there have been any developments on the site. On my first visit in March (see further down the page), I thought the land was maybe down for housing. I cant confirm if this is true or not, but at the moment I can only see clearing work. There was a few interesting finds though - at first glance I found a big pile of old concrete, but in between the old kerbstones, and lampposts were some old canternary supports from the line when it was electrified.

There has been a lot of clearing, especially at the Debdale Park end of the site, there were also 2 massive piles of tree bark (mulch) which looks like it could be used for landscaping. I will keep my eyes peeled and visit the site again soon. I hope you enjoy the recent pictures. Please drop me a line if you have any ideas or know what is being undertaken on this site.

PS - I've tried to lighten some of the pictures I took, hopefully they look a little better.

Reddish Depot site - 18th April 2006


Down on the site of the old depot - again the old inspection pits are still visible.

Note the large pile of concrete. I had a little closer look at this.

Interesting finds - All 3 pictures show the stumps of the original canternary supports that were all around the old site and along the line back to Fairfield station.

The picture below shows one of the (what I think) was an upright support for the canternary. I think they were used at the end of a siding of line where they offered support and maybe tension for the wires. Answers on a postcard please.

Note on all the pictures - the amount and size of the concrete bases that have been removed with the stumps.

Some more of the original supports - this time still in situ. You can see where they were chopped off at the base when the depot was closed and the scrap men got involved!

Left - Apologies this is slightly blurred - it isn't your eye sight! I have tried to enhance the image, but to no avail.

Below Left - Another support - soon to be removed??

Below - This is right at the end of the approach (from Debdale Park) in to the Depot. I have my back to the Manchester to Sheffield (via Hope Valley) line.

With my back to Debdale park - this was the site of Reddish Depot. You can just see main part of the building (the white floor on the left). The black cinder type stones formed the various approaches in to the depot. I think there were some lines that ran around the main building to the right.

Its still hard to imagine the hive of activity that surrounded this site when it was fully operational.



Not the best picture ever - but I caught this 150 sprinter on its way towards Reddish North station.


Whilst on a recent bike ride I noticed there had been a bit of clearing undertaken on the site of the old Reddish Depot.

The site of Reddish depot was just off the Fallowfield loop, on the border or Reddish and Gorton. I have fond memories of playing near the old depot, long after it had closed, but the old depot fascinated me. Anyway some time in the late 1980s it was finally demolished, and its remained that way since. Through re-search I found out that Reddish Depot served an important role in the servicing of the class 76 electric locos that ran over the Woodhead route. Through its (short) operational years it was also home to a variety of different locos, including the Blue Pullman. One of my racing friends, Nigel, has some original plans of the site (for a modeling project of his) I would love to see this and try and get them on the site.

Anyway after my recent bike rideI noticed a lot of clearing had been undertaken on the site. I thought I would take a further look. I can only assume the site is up for housing. Whatever it’s used for I don’t think the site will last very long in its present state.

What a shame that this site is still not in use as a loco depot, I know that a lot of money has been spent at Levenshulme sheds for the new Virgin rolling stock. Reddish Depot was just consigned to history!

Anyway enjoy the pictures.

Reddish Depot as it is in 2006.


Left - Overlooking the site from Station road.

Below Left -

Looking back towards Station road. You can clearly see the old inspection pits running through the depot.

A picture inside the sheds here.

Below - The rubble strewn pits – note the rail bolt right in the middle of the rubble.

Left - Looking down the old inspection pits.

Below Left - Some old sleepers found near the original entrance to the site.

Below - An old sleeper with the rail connectors still attached.

Left - The same sleeper - just a little closer.

Left, Below Left and below - Rails left in situ.

Left - Looking back towards Debdale park. You can clearly see the old site.

Below Left - Looking towards the back of Station road (Reddish)

Below - One of the supports that held the centenary just outside the depot building.
You can see one of the supports (grey) on this picture here.

You can clearly see the original entrance. The lines ran in right to left, you can also see the centenary support in the middle of the picture

A fascinating look round this site - it doesn't look like the site will last much longer in its present state. A shame another piece of Woodhead history is going to be lost.

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