Redbank Carriage Sidings.

Pictures made brighter - January 2007

Redbank Carriage sidings is located just outside Victoria Station in Manchester. It used to be a hive of active activity, but today it is disused and no tracks are down. I first got a glimpse of the area when I started to park nearby. I noticed a set of viaducts running along he road where I park, so further map research was undertaken.

The carriage sidings were located just off the line that avoided the steep climb out of Victoria towards Newton Heath, the line also had a handy cut through for the Bury line. At Redbank there was a mass of carriage sidings and a set of sheds. Today the site is rather different, just a few remains are left of this once busy railway centre.

I had seen a large footbridge in a few pictures, and from where drive in to work, that spanned the carriage sidings. I took a half hour at the start of my day to find it out. It was a great find and I am planning another longer look very soon. I hope you find these pictures interesting. Thanks to "Manchester Victoria", "Nick" and "BigN" from the railway scene website for their memories of this site. Please email us if you have more.

On the footbridge looking down to the carriage sidings. The CIS building dominates the Manchester skyline.
You can see where the line curved off to the right towards Victoria station. A picture of the site back in the 80s is here:
Looking back towards the route to Bury / Newton Heath. On the left is the Metrolink depot.
Same view - slightly more to the right. You can see the viaduct which carries the Metrolink.

Left - A closer view of the trackbed.

Below Left - Looking over to where the Metrolink runs, you can see the corporate coloured bridge in the middle of the picture.

Below - The footbridge over the line / sidings. It looks a little worse for wear!

Looking back towards Manchester and the site of the Carriage sidings. This is all what is left of the site, apart from the large lighting gantries.

Left - On the footbridge.

Below Left - Again, on the footbridge. Looking back to the flats jut off Rochdale road.

Below - Looking back at the steep steps up to the footbridge. This leads down to Collyhurst road.

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