Bradley Fold to Radcliffe Line Plus Bury Spur.

Version 1.1 Updated 5/3/06 - Click here for new pictures.

Above - taken from a bridge off Stanley Road looking towards Bolton and Bury railway line.
Above - taken from a bridge off Stanley Road looking towards Bury and Ainsworth Road (Radcliffe).

Left - Taken from Ainsworth road (Radcliffe) Looking at the only side of the bridge that is left.

Below Left - We are now looking at the old alignment towards Radcliffe. This is Green Bank Road. This follows the old alignment (long filled in) towards Radcliffe town centre. There is a path/cycle way here and it follows the old alignment in to the town centre. This takes pedestrians and bikes away from the busy main road.

Below - A view from over the bridge towards Bolton. Just visible in the middle of the picture is a an old bridge (where above pictures where taken from), which runs from Stanley Road across to Salisbury Road. We need to check this out.

Looking back up towards Green Bank Road. This a good path to use, even when it was a little wet under foot.

The path is still following the old railway alignment, which has been filled in over the years. There isn't too much railway infrastructure left.

A little further on we reach "West Junction" - here the line split in two.

Left & Left below - The picture is looking at the spur which went off to Bury which is now the Metrolink line. This formed a useful link to line up to Ramsbottom / Bacup and Accrington.

Below - You can see the old bridge abutment where the line crossed the canal.

Click here for rest of the Bury spur line.

Left - This is original alignment over the canal. You can see the path way on the left hand side.The original alignment carried on through the trees (behind which is a new housing estate. Looking at the railway history book we have, this was also the site of some sidings at the Whittaker Bridge Colliery. Something that has long gone under new developments

Below left- taken from the canal.

Below - Looking back up the line.

Remains of where the line crossed over a pathway. Today this runs to the housing estate just off Spring Lane.

The path running down the side of the old alignment to Radcliffe.

This comes out at Spring lane (A6053).

Radcliffe Metrolink station is straight ahead (useful link for any bikers).

The original line went through the car park and joined the line towards Manchester.

All below pictures are new.
Below - We are looking right down the alignment. The original embankment has long gone.
Below - Looking back up towards Radcliffe station, which is on the left hand side.

Left - We walked up towards the station and found the old platform that served the line to Bradley Fold. With research the station was modernised in the 1960s and this platform was also renovated. Not long after the line was taken out of service.

Below Left - A closer look at the platform.

Below - Another platform shot.

Here we are looking towards Bradley Fold. On our left is the top of the bridge that takes Church Street under the lines.
Looking towards the Metrolink line. You can also see the end of he platform on the left hand side of the picture.

Bury Spur.

We took a walk down to Radcliffe to have a closer look at the spur that took the line back towards Bolton. The Radcliffe area had a multitude of lines, this one took the line back towards Bury and would allow trains to travel from Bolton up through Bury Bolton street onwards to Ramsbottom, Bacup etc.

Left - Here is where the spur crossed the canal.

Below Left - We are on the old alignment looking back towards Bradley Fold.

Below - Looking on the spur heading back towards Bury.

Left - Remains of the old Radcliffe sub station.

Below Left and Below - Foundations that we found, again of the old sub station.

Below - Old sleepers left in situ.
Original rails again left in situ.
All 3 pictures - Various different shots of the rails that we found left in situ. With later research we discovered these were left as part of the link to the Radcliffe sub station. As we were walking the route we were trying to think why these rails would have been left. Most rails were taken up when the lines were shut.

Left - Mother nature has taken over here!

Below Left - The spur heading towards the canal.

Below - See how the rails have been left propped up, again we now think this was part of the link to the sub station. This would have provided an emergency backup if power failed.

A catch point sign we found near where the spur joined the main line.

Left - An original buffer stop we found just before he Bury line.

Below Left - The stone work has dropped away on side, exposing the iron work beneath.

Below - A close up of the buffer stop. Also Tommy has made an appearance!

Left - We think this was the remains of another buffer stop.

Below Left - The same buffer stop, just another angle.

Below - The end of the spur.

Below - Point work that's been left.
Below - Another angle showing the original point work.

Left - This is where the spur joined the Bury line. With further investigation we have found some pictures of how this junction looked when 3 lines all converged at this point. It was a complex junction!

Below Left - Looking back towards Bradley Fold.

Below - A modern day Metrolink tram glides by.

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