Elton Gas works in Bury

Picture Location 1

Left: The sidings of the old gasworks branch. This was taken from the bridge that took the branch over Ainsworth road.

Bottom: The original bridge.

Bottom left: The other side of the bridge. looking back towards the Daisyfields where the branch met the main line.

Looking over the bridge down towards Daisyfields. Not a lot to see of the original alignment.

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Picture Location 2

The line ran left to right at the back of the car wash booths. You can just see the back of the bridge at the end of the terrace house on the right.

The Texaco garage is on Bolton road.

A little bit further on. Again the line ran left to right on the alignment of the grass banking. We also know that a water feeder to Elton reservoir ran here too, however we don't know if that was underground or next to the old branch line.

At the back of the garage - we are looking towards Daisyfields at the spot where the line then went under Bolton road.

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Picture Location 3
This is where the line went under Bolton road in a small tunnel. Again notice the style of the bridge work. It looks like a cast iron affair, with a council crest in the middle panel.
Another shot, showing the gap between the buildings where the line ran.

We have now crossed Bolton road and are now on Fountain street.This is the spot where the tunnel started and went under Bolton road. We can see from the marker stone it was constructed in 1892.

We both found this fascinating, especially as this landmark has been left like this and has not been removed over the years.

You can clearly see the alignment of the line with the marker stones that formed the cutting to the tunnel.

Bottom left: The original metal fence posts have survived and are used today to mark off the grassy area above the cutting.

Bottom: The alignment has long been built over with the modern flats. As these are private, we had to go back on ourselves and around the other side of them to pick up the line once more.

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Picture Location 4

To get round Daisyfield court flats we got on to the old Bolton to Bury line and looked for the gas works alignment. Through a bit of guess work we came across a path running back to Bolton road. We then came across the point (pictured) where the line crossed this path.

To the right the line went towards Bolton road and the gas works, to the left it joined the main line.

This was the view of line from the other side (with our back to Bolton road).

We did a bit of exploring and went to try and find the point where the line crossed this path. Through luck and a bit of judgment, we found that you could just about follow the old route over the path we ha just taken.

Here we are on the old alignment looking back down to the path below.

Looking back at Daisyfield court flats. We are once again back on the old alignment looking back towards Bury. Its hard to judge the level of the old line, but we think it was a around the level of the car park.

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Picture Location 5
This is the point where the line met the main line. We are looking towards Bolton. Its very hard to imagine what this area used to look like when the sidings were here. There is so much vegetation and trees, its hard to pick up any signs of where the line went.
Possible buffer stops from the old sidings?? This is the place where we believe the sidings started. The bridge here is wide enough for 4 tracks, and we have found a picture in "Railways in East lancashire" which does show a 4 line alignment. The signal box for this branch was also around this area.

The bridge has ben strengthened here, but this is where we think the start of the sidings were.

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