Bury to Bolton Railway line.

Version 1.1

These 3 new pictures taken from Moss Hall Road.

Left - looking towards Heywood.

Below Left - looking towards Bury.

Below - looking towards bury on full zoom.

Left & Below Left - We start in Pimhole in Bury just before the viaduct taking the railway over the river Roch and the M66.The line here is back in use as part of the ELR.

Below - From Alfred street looking towards Heywood and where the line crosses the river Roch and the M66.


Left - From Alfred street looking towards Bury. The bridge in the distance takes Heywood street over the line. Now there is just a single track, but back in the day we believe there might have been 4 tracks here.

Below left - From Heywood street looking back to the bridge at Alfred street.

Below - From Heywood Street looking towards Bury and Market street bridge. Now just one line but there was 10 lines here in the 1960's.

Left - From Market street looking towards Bury and the line claiming to go over the ski jump over the Metro link line. Although this is were Bury loop junction used to be.

Below left - From Market street looking back to Heywood. This is were all the sidings used to be.

Below - Now Pyramid Park but it was the site for Knowsley Street station Goods Yard .

Above pictures taken from in Pyramid Park, above left on the left hand side you can see Market Street bridge.

Left - Site of the old Knowsley Street station, we can also see clues to the original site location. Look up at the brickwork on Knowlsley street, you can see it changing from stone to more modern red brick work. We believe this was the entrance to the station from the street plus see how the stone work in discoloured below the red brick.

Left below - Knowsley street bridge which had two line going to Bolton street Station and two going to Bolton.

Below - On the right is the ELR's ski jump. This takes there line from Bury Bolton street across the Metrolink line (running right to left) off towards Heywood.

More on Knowsley Street Station.

Above - Looking towards Bolton (our back to the site of Knowsley street). Here the Manchester Rd bridge was spilt in to two,.to the right towards Bolton street station (still in use by the ELR) and to the left the line went towards Bolton. You can see there used to be another arch way here.

Above - The other side of the bridge (Manchester road). We are stood on the Bolton alignment but it has totally been filled in. The line ahead is the ELR line to Heywood. You can see its in regular steam use from the smoke stained bridge,

Left, below left and below - Here we are looking back towards Bury Bolton street. The Bolton alignment used to go under this line.

The only clue to this is the 2 metal pieces running in the middle of the tracks. This was where the Bolton line ran underneath.

A picture of how it used to be can be found on the ELR website Click here.

This took some working out!! Especially as we are both too young to remember the Bolton line being in use!

Looking towards Manchester on the ELR sheds. Originally the ELR used to be linked to main line here. However when the metrolink came they could use this link anymore.

This is why the ELR went towards Heywood to get their main line access back.

Left - From Bridge Road - Looking back towards Manchester road along the alignment of the Bolton line. We believe the line was in a cutting here. Again nothing can be seen of the line.

Below left - The only clue the Bolton line ran here is the bump in the Bridge Road plus the name of the road.

The line would have passed underneath at this point.

Below - Looking towards Bolton and the viaduct (that's still in place). Here is where the Bolton line originally ran.


Left - On Baron Street looking back towards Bridge Street.

Below Left - Looking up the ramp on to Wellington Street Viaduct.

Below On the Viaduct looking back toward Bury.

Left - Looking towards Bolton, again on the Wellington Street viaduct. This viaduct was restored a few years back and forms the start of a bike / path route from Bury up Bolton road.

Below Left - From Wellington street looking back to the viaduct.

Below - Bridge crossing the line to take traffic down to Elton reservoir, plus this is where the Elton Gas Works sidings started

for info on the Elton gas works line.

This is where we leave the line for now to be pick up later on the route.

Left - Take from Ainsworth Rd (Radcliffe) looking towards Bury, not the best picture but factory roof on the right back onto Radcliffe Black Lane station.

Below Left - From Ainsworth rd looking towards Bolton.

Below - The Railway pub on Ainsworth Road.

for info on the Bradley fold to Radcliffe and Bury Spur Lines.

Above - Looking towards bolton we picked the line back up again off Moss Shaw Way.

Above - Looking back towards bury. The bridge is for access to Moss Shaw Farm plus the way back onto the line.
Above - Views on the line before you get to Radcliffe Moor Road.
Above - Looking back towards Bury on the site of Bradley Fold station the bridges takes Radcliffe Moor Road over the line.
Above - Same place but looking towards Bolton. In the distance you can see Bradley Lane, unfortunately the line has been built on here but if you go through the little estate you so pick the line up again.
Above - Near Davenport Farm we found what was left on an old bridge I think it was just a foot bridge as there was only two steel posts sunk into each of the two concrete platforms.

Left - From the same pint looking towards Bolton, here there was Goods loops to provided refuge and watering facilities for the slower moving freight trains.

Below Left - Other bridge platform.

Below - Looking back towards Bury.

Above - At the end of the good loops, Left looking towards Bolton over what was a cricket ground but now a football pitch I think, Right looking towards Bury.

Left - Taken form the back of Hollycroft Avenue looking towards Bury.

Below Left - Taken form the back of Hollycroft Avenue looking towards Bolton. The bridge in the distance takes Long Lane over the line.

Below - The way back on the the line from Hollycroft Avenue.

Left - Looking towards Bury the bridge in the distance takes Long Lane over the line, and the near bridge takes Lower Darcy Street over the line.

Below Left - As you can see the old railway has been recently clear or still is the the process of being cleared. Hopefully this is being do for a footpath / cycleway and not being clear to be filled again?

Left - Same point as above left but looking towards Bolton.

Below Left - At Darcy Lever viaduct looking back towards Bury.

Below - Darcy Lever viaduct looking towards Bolton. It looks like it has just been refurbished.

Left - Highways Act sign closing the bridge in 1980.

Below left - Darcy Lever viaduct.

Below - looking at the viaduct from Bolton side.

Above and Below - Pictures showing the site and remains of Darcy Lever station, situated off Kirkwall Drive. Darcy Lever station was closed in October 1951.

Below - Picture taken just before Burden viaduct.

Below Left - Taken form Burden viaduct looking back towards Darcy Lever station.

Below - Burden Viaduct looking towards Bolton, as with Darcy Lever viaduct it looks like it has just been refurbished apart from the railing.

Above - Burden viaduct looking towards Bolton.
Above - Burden viaduct looking towards Bury.
Above - As you can see access to the viaduct is available and work is being undertaken in that area. (this is just behind the old Bolton football ground - which is now a Asda store)

Above - Another shot of the viaduct at Burnden - looking back across towards Darcy Lever and Bury.

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