Latest News 11th April 2008

For anyone who might be interested to know that the July & August issues of Backtrack Magazine will have an article by Eddie Johnson me dealing with Chorlton Junction (where the Fallowfield line started) and the railway traffic over the years.

News 17th Januray 2008

First bike ride of 2008 - we finally got out and had a 19 mile run round Bury and Bolton. Taking in the Bury Bolton canal and railway, we had a leisurely bike ride not really pushing it too much. Nice to get back in the saddle and get a few miles under our belts. Hopefully the momentum will continue!

Thanks again for all your wonderful guest book entries - we do really appreciate your support and comments.

We apologise for the lack of ride updates - its been a very busy start to 2008 for both of us, and even getting out on the bikes is a logistical nightmare. We are very conscious of the lack of updates and will get on to it as soon as we can. Again we really appreciate your support and hopefully people are using the routes, maps and pictures to help them get out and about on their bikes.

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