28th October 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates to the site - we have both been really busy. Thanks for your all of your support via the guest book - we really enjoy receiving your messages and memories from old railway line and stations. We were especially interested in the details about Tiviot Dale Station. Please feel free to send any of your pictures to us. We will gladly host them (with your permission of course).

We have also been involved with the Friends of Reddish Station (website here). This organisation has recently been set up to promote and look after Reddish South Station. Ultimately, the group, is looking to help re-instate a regular train service. I (Jon) have been involved in the group, as a local resident, and supporter of the scheme. I would be a useful link for me, as I commute to Manchester on a daily basis. We hope the group are successful in their aims, its early days, but a least the campaign has got support from the loacl MP and councilors.

3rd August 2007

An interesting story from the MEN - dated Thursday the 2nd August. It looks like some clearing work has been undertaken on the Manchester, Bolton and Bury canal. We will have to take a ride and have a nosy ourselves!

News 27th July 2007

Again sorry for the lack of updates - its been a hectic couple of months. As you have probably seen we successfully completed the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride. We are looking to raise over £1000 with the 6 of us.

Thanks for the guestbook entries - we really appreciate it. We would like to cover more canals, and also look at the Bacup to Rochdale route in more detail. Its just down to time, also some of the motivation has gone as we don't need to train as much. We will get round to them!!

News 17th July 2007

Apologies to followers of the site - we haven't been doing much updating over the past 2 or 3 months. We are still very much in the saddle, in fact we are getting ready for the Manchester to Blackpool Christies sponsored bike ride. Sadly the site has taken a bit of a back seat. I have also moved house, and have a million to one jobs to do.

We have been keeping the Blackpool run blog updated with preparation rides. However the logging of routes has not been completed for a while. We have plans to update the Fallowfield pages over the summer, and maybe get some new rides documented. We saw an ideal run today, which has got to be worth documenting. So keep your eyes peeled.

Again thanks for the support shown on the website - we see the consistent hits to the site and get a satisfaction of helping people find decent bike routes to take. Please email us or write us a guest book message for any rides you would like to see (around Bury and Reddish) We are interested in old railways so if we have missed any routes, please let us know!

News 7th January 2007

First of all - Happy New Year to everybody that supports the site. We have had some great feedback over 2006 and we really appreciate peoples time sending us comments, pictures, DVD's etc. So many thanks to all!! Keep checking the site in 2007 for more updates and bike rides.

Fairfield Station - Bridge maintenance. I noticed these works a few weeks back, but sadly my camera batteries had gone flat. Anyway I returned late December to get the following pictures of the major bridge repairs going on at this site. This is a main access route to the Fallowfield Loop and the station is situated on Booth road in Abbey Hey / Fairfield.

Left - Fairfield station is situated on the left of this picture. You can see the new concrete bridge in place.

Below Left - Signage showing the road closed. However a temporary footbridge has been built.

Below - Taken from the temporary footbridge, this is a close up of the new section meeting the original banking / road.

Left - A close up of the new bridge. The line here was 4 tracks wide. Now its only 2, however room has been left for the re-building of the extra lines. There has been much news (but no action) about re-opening the Woodhead route, maybe any new structures must have provision for these extra lines??

Below Left and Below - The temp footbridge. This gives great views of the structure and the building work.

The next 3 pictures so the new bridge structure in situ, plenty of work still to be done to get the road open again.
Below - The once busy Fairfield station. This was once the point where the Fallowfield Loop met the main Woodhead line. You can see the old gantries for the electric line off down the Fallowfield loop to the right.
Below - A general shot of the Station.
Below - Looking down from the temporary footbridge to where the Fallowfield loop line started. You can see some of the original mounting points for the wires.
Below - Looking down the start of the Fallowfield Loop - I covered the start of the route a few years back - here.

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