News 17th December 2006

A couple of updates:

I had been looking on Google earth at the old line that ran from Stalybridge to Diggle, this was called the Micklehurst Loop line. When cycling the canal we saw the place where the line crossed the canal, however I wanted to find out a bit more about the tunnel which ran from near Stalybridge station.
Anyway - good old google earth produced the goods. I could clearly see a tunnel and what looked the ends of the tunnel.
While I was up in Stalybridge, I thought I would take my camera and get some pics. I was really surprised to find the tunnel entrance (on the canal side) in such a good state.

Left and Below Left - I am right on the place where the line ran - I believe there was a viaduct here (which has long gone). You can clearly see the tunnel entrance in the middle of the picture.

Below - Here is the old alignment. It was raised on a viaduct. It ran right through the middle of the picture.
The other end of the tunnel (near Stalybridge station) is also visible, but it looked difficult to picture due to the high surrounding walls.

Hopefully I will get back to have a look at this area in more detail soon.

A little Internet research found the following g pictures of the line in this area:

I found a map of the where the line ran here:

And a picture of the viaduct over the canal here:


Some news from Tameside council about the old railway line from Ashton to Oldham (via Park Bridge). I covered part of this route a few years back (here). The old line has always been an un-official path/cycle way, however the council are now making part of this route an official path/cycle way. Good news.

The article came from the "Tameside Citizen Issue 39, December 2006"


News 26th May 2006

A couple of updates -

Firstly - apologies the lack of recent updates. Myself and Duncan are big Stockcar racing fans, so weekends have been taken up going racing. We also have other commitments too, work, and family lives. We are working on a new route that we took from Kearsley back round to Bury. Hopefully that will be up on the site very soon.

Secondly - The guest book. We hope you like the new version, we also keep a keen eye on the comments placed. We really appreciate the comments too, please keep them coming! We don't normally reply to comments placed, but we must apologise to one where a comment was passed about covering certain areas of Manchester. The routes we cover are mainly taken from where we both live, Bury and Denton. We would love to cover more, and we do have some other routes planned. We are keen to know about different areas to explore and discover on our bikes but sadly this hobby doesn't pay the mortgage. Anyway thanks for the comments one and all.

Thirdly - Manchester Bike week. This runs from 17th June through to the 25th. I was involved last year as a volunteer, I helped out in St Anne's Sq. It was a cracking day and well worth a visit. Have a look at the official bike week website - here:

Lastly -Improvements have been undertaken on Longford road in Reddish, to make it a little more bike friendly. Longford road is a good access point to the Fallowfield loop.

Left - The new red cycle route signs on Longford Road.

Below Left - A longer shot of the same sign - you can see the access point to the Fallowfield Loop, just where the silver car is heading (on the right). The slight hump is where the Loop passes under the road.

Below - Looking back up Longford Road - you can see where the small green cycle lanes have been added near junctions. These are in place on the majority of junctions on Longford road.

Latest News 12th March 2006

Clipping below taken from the Manchester Metro News on Friday 10th March.

News 26th February 2006

I took a trip down the top half of the Fallowfield Loop from Abbey Hey to Burnage. On the way I noticed a lot of new signs placed along the route, especially around Abbey Hey. (See below). The route is pretty complete from this point. The landscaping is slowly taking hold too.

(Above) Just near Fairfield station at the end of Booth Road.
(Above) Where the loop used to split, just near Debdale Park.

News 24th February 2006.

We hope you like the new look site. We have taken on board feedback and are trying to make the site easier to navigate. The old look site was getting a bit complicated and busy. Please let us know what you think of the site, either by email or our guest book. Please note some of the pages are still under construction and there are a few bloopers along the way, we are working on it! Anyway we hope you enjoy the new look site.

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