News 6th November 2005

Due to unwanted spamming and popup's on the old free guestbook we have decided to host the guestbook ourselves. Unfortunately we are going to lose the posts that have been put on the old guestbook but we would like to thank everyone who had posted their comments and information on the old guestbook and hope the new guestbook is more user friendly.

News 23rd October 2005

Whilst undertaking a recent bike ride in Bury, looking at the railway history in the area, luckily we came across an ELR steam train taking the "Ski Jump" over the Bury to Manchester Metrolink link.

Keep your eyes out on the website for details of the bike ride we took.

News - 7th October 2005

Apologies for the lack of updates on the site. Especially in regards to new bike routes. We have both been really busy building and repairing slot car tracks, messing around with model cars and Duncan has a new project idea - an N Gauge model railway! I'm sure we will get pictures and plans on the website.

Help Needed. As stated above I' am planing on building a model railway for Bolton Street and Knowsley Street stations in Bury. Now I have plans for Bolton Street station but if anyone one has information on Knowsley could they please email it to me, Thank you.

News - 14th September 2005

Just a couple of updates.

* Thanks for the continued support via our guest book. Myself and Duncan really appreciate your support and feedback. We are really pleased that you are finding our site useful and its helping you to find new safe car free routes around Manchester. We apologise for the lack of recent bike route updates, work commitments and the the fact that stock cars are in full swing, has reduced our opportunities to get on the bike. We are hopefully going to rectify this soon!

* I took a trip up to Bolton the other weekend to reckie the old derelict railway line through Chequerbent and Daubhill. I also had a look at the old route from Bolton to Roe Green. I was on foot, but myself and Duncan would like to cover these on our bikes some time soon. Keep an eye out.


News - 31st August 2005

I was reading through my local newspaper "The Tameside Advertiser" and I came across a letter welcoming Tameside council plans to convert the old railway from Oldham to Ashton in to a dedicated path/cycle way.

Unfortunately I don't have any further details about this plan but will endeavor to find some. I am very interested if the plan is correct. I covered part of this route (here) earlier this year and agree this will make an excellent path / cycle way. Most of the route can be followed, but it can be very muddy under foot / bike wheel, and its hard to define what is actually pathway.

I will keep you updated on this.


News - 30th July 2005

Thanks for all the messages of support on our guest book. We are both really pleased that you are finding this website a useful resource and you are able to take some of the featured routes.

Please keep your comments coming, we really value these.

Thanks Jon and Duncan.


News - 16th July 2005

Last weekend we took a bike ride up the Huddersfield canal from Audenshaw up to Diggle (Stannage Tunnel). It was great weather and we enjoyed the day, the views from the canal were brilliant. Full pictures and route description will follow ASAP.

Here are a few tasters of this route:



News - 19th June 2005

We have updated the Stockport canal webpage with 2 pictures of the bridge which carried the tow path over the junction to the Gorton canal yard.


Fallowfield Loop Update - As you can see here, there have been some big changes to the Loop where it runs through the Abbey Hey area. The missing link (where the path used to stop) has been completed. but as yet not official opened. This is a good piece of work as it opens the loop up to nearly the whole length of the original line. See the page for further updates.


National / Manchester Week. The opening day went really well. I was a volunteer at the event in St Anne's Sq. I helped set up the stage for the unicyclist stunt team. They were a cracking set of lads who did amazing stunts with just one wheel! The day was successful. I hope the rest of week went well, and it has helped to get more people on their bikes.


News - 5th June 2005

Hello - Apologies for the lack of recent updates, the recent different! weather conditions and work commitments have led to a lack of bike rides and web updates.

Dunc has recently completed a tidy and spruce up of the site, the site has grown quickly so we now have to start looking at the memory we have available on our web space.

We hope you enjoy the latest ride, its a very present one away from traffic. We hope to build on this and ride over to Hayfield (Glossop) to the start of the disused Woodhead route. This has been made in to a cycle way and takes you up right up the old tunnel entrance. Keep your eyes peeled on the site for updates.

Also many thanks to XXXX for his contribution to the Hooley Hill page. The link to his website is here - its a fascinating insight to a little known line and station. Many Thanks.

News - 15th May 2005

Myself and Duncan were invited to undertake an interview for a local community radio station about cycling and the Fallowfield Loop. Due to work commitments, Dunc was unable to attend. However I met up with Steven Crook, who is studying media.

We met up at Levenshulme station and took the short trip down to the Fallowfield Loop for a look around. Steven then asked me a number of questions about the Loop and cycle riding in the Manchester area.

I dont have an exact broadcast date yet, but hope to get the completed interview on the website soon.

Best of luck to Steven in his studies. I also hope this extra publicity will help improve cycling provisions in Manchester.


News - Mid May 2005

Temporary Closure of the Loop from Station road, to Debdale Park - Update

Myself and Duncan took a recent trip down the Ashton canal towards Manchester, whilst passing we took a look at the landscaping works at Abbey Hey at the Debdale Park end of the Fallowfield loop. Work continues at a pace, but the area has been closed off to the public so we couldn't get a good view. It does look like a lot of landscaping is being undertaken, and it also looks like there is provision for path/cycle way. We need to keep an eye on the works to see how it progresses. Just one picture below: We will keep you updated.

This was taken from the road that leads to the allotments at Debdale Park. I couldn't get a better picture as the area is fenced off. There is a large dirt embankment in place, I think this will be landscaped. The path looks like it will go under the bridge at this location. The picture below shows the bridge from the old railway level.
This was taken during last winter, but it shows the area that is being landscaped. The bridge was originally double size, as the line split at this area. The landscaping works is being undertaken under the right hand side of the bridge. The left hand side has remained filled in.



News - Late April 2005

Temporary Closure of the Loop from Station road, to Debdale Park

I had a tip off about some works being undertaken on the Fallowfield Loop, which had meant a closure of part of the route. Thanks to Steph, from the cycling forums, who advised me about this.

Over 2 nights I took a trip down to the area to take a look at what is going on. The first night I got a bit wet! The 2nd night was dry and I took the opportunity to cycle the whole route.

As I had been informed the Loop has been temporarily closed from Station road in Reddish, through to Debdale Park, Gorton.

I will keep you updated about what they have done, and when they have re-opened this part of the route.

Pictures below:

I took the pathway from Debdale park, which runs along he old canal, and then up the start of the Loop.

The path is fenced off a this point (pictured). There is a sign, and it says that landscaping is being undertaken. I cant remember the timescale given, but it looks like it should be back open before Summer.

This is the view back down the Loop towards Hyde road. The fence has blocked off the route.

I wanted a closer look, as the area was fenced off, I took some roads and cut through to the playing field by the side of the line.

It looks like they are finally landscaping the missing link between Debdale park and the end of the line at Abbey Hey.

You can see the old bridge, in the picture. I thought they might be filling this, but it looks as though they will keep it in situ.

I am hoping they add a proper path here to finally complete the loop.

Looking over the location where the line originally split. The right to Guide Bridge, the left to Manchester. This area was filled in a while a go, but left in a rough state. It does look like top coat of soil is being added. As above, I hope a path way gets built.

This is looking back from Wright Robinson school, It looks like they may be building a path to meet up with the existing path, which runs to Fairfield station.

Station road - The path has been crudely blocked off at this point. You can see a mass of earth marking this.

As when they were filling the old railway cuttings at Abbey Hey, trucks are using the access from Sandford road to get on the loop.

I can assume this is why they have shut the Loop, on the grounds of safety. I have seen quite a few dumper trucks using this route. I think they may be also doing some filling (using old rubble) behind the back of Debdale Park in an old gully.

The fencing, blocking the route, has been knocked down.



News - April 2005

Finally managed the Bury to Denton bike ride we have been planning to do for a while. There was a break in our Stock Car racing calendar and a break in the weather so we decided to go for it!

We were both a bit saddle rusty, as we had not been out on he bikes for around 6 weeks. However we were more prepared equipment wise this time, luckily as well. About a quarter of the way Duncan's front tyre went flat. A faulty value was the cause, a quick pit stop was called for, 15 minutes later and a new inner tube and we were off again.

We hope you enjoy the pictures - its a good ride to take, but we recommend the Radcliffe to Clifton route, its a nice 14 mile loop on quiet pathways. Enjoy.

Bury to Denton Route.

News - Early March2005

Thanks for your comments on the guest book, we hope you find the site useful. We haven't had much time over the last month to cover any other bike routes. We did hope to ride from Bury to Denton using old railway lines and canals. Unfortunately due to work commitments we haven't done this yet. However I do hope you enjoy the railway pages, which have been more based on railway history than actual bike rides.

Hopefully as spring (and the better weather) approaches we will do more bike rides and get them on the website. Thanks for your continued support and patience, we promise more routes soon!

News - Early February 2005

We received 2 books from Amazon this week, which had be recommended to us a source of information about the disused lines in the Greater Manchester Area. Both of these books are an excellent point of reference about the lines, especially the routes they used to follow. We look forward to covering some of these routes very soon.

ISBN 0-946537-71-2

ISBN 1-870754-30-1

Forgotten Railways: vol 9 North West England is a great source of information.
The Industrial Railways of Bolton, Bury and the Manchester Coalfield is a in depth book looking at Industrial railways. Very interesting.

News - Late January 2005

Thanks to Nick Melling (who emailed us via the Railway Scene Forum) - We can recommend some books which will be useful to you in your rides around the Greater Manchester Area.

They are Railway books, however they contain information and maps about the various old railway lines that are around this area. More interesting to myself is the fact they contain some great old pictures of the routes as they used to be. Check these out at your local bookshop or library, they are both good reads.

Nick has also recommended some others, which we have on order from Amazon. We will review these as soon as we get them.


ISBN 1-85306-869-1


Both Lost Railways of Merseyside & Greater Manchester and Lost Railways of Lancashire are by Gordon Suggitt, and are available at local book shops.
Both are published by Countryside Books:


Previous News

We have discovered on a recent run down the loop that the section below is now re-open, however there are works being undertaken at the bottom the Sainburys carpark in Fallowfield. There are no signs about what works are being completed. Our advice is to continue to use the route, as there are ways around it. Please note the ways around do involve some road riding.


On the 30th December I took a ride along the route to take some more pictures, specifically aimed at the ways on and off the route. When I got to Lindley Wood road (near Fallowfield) I noticed the route had been closed by Network rail. I investigated further and there was various works being undertaken on what I think is the drainage, near the Ladybarne Lane bridge. You can get round the closure by taking Brailsford Road and then Ladybarn Road, which will take you to the back of Sainsburys.

I don't know how long these works will take and how long the route will be closed. You can easily get round the closure. I hope they open it soon. I will keep my eyes out and let you of any changes.

The temporary closure at Lindley Wood Road.

Ladybarn Lane Road bridge, at the back of the Sainsburys car park (the site of the old Fallowfield station goods yard.

You can see the fence that has been put up, but has since been knocked over.

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