Through research and recommendations we have collected and read quite a few books to help us with this site. As the news page is getting a bit big, we thought it best to put all our book recommendations on one page. Most of these books can be purchased via Amazon, at your local library or local bookstore. We hope you enjoy.

PS - Thanks to my Dad and Nigel Woodhouse for the loan of some of these excellent books.

As this section has grows we will spilt the books up by subject -

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Latest Books Added

ISBN 1870119 69 X
From Eddie Johnson off the geustbook about the Fallowfield line. "However, you've left the most important one off! This is a small book I did for Foxline back in 2000 called "The Fallowfield Line"" The contact for anyone who wants a copy. The address is:Foxline (Publications) Limited, PO Box 84, Bredbury, Stockport. SK6 3YD.


Railway Books

ISBN 0-946537-71-2
ISBN 0-7153-7521-0
ISBN 1-870119-36-3
Forgotten Railways: vol 9 North West England is a great source of information. It covers a lot of old lines in detail. Interesting section about how the lines can be found today.
In depth and very detailed historical view of North West railways. Looking specifically at their birth and early development.
Another book from EM Johnson - a cracking pictorial history of the changing scene of railways in Manchester. Pictures of the sites as they were, followed by the scene today.


ISBN 1-899624-00-7
ISBN 1-870119-11-8
ISBN 1-871608-37-6
In depth and very detailed historical view of Bury's railways. Looking from Bacup in the north to Ringley Road in the South, and Broardfield in the East to Bradley Fold in the West. Plus the Holcombe Brook branch line.
In depth and very detailed historical view of Bolton's railways. Looking from Bromley Cross in the north to Atherton and Little Hulton in the South. Bradley Fold in the East to Hindley and Blackrod West.
In depth and very detailed historical view of Rochdale's railways. Looking from Bacup in the north to New Hey in the South, and in the East Walsden to Broardfield in the West.


ISBN 1-870119-17-7
ISBN 1-85895-197-6
A recent find in my local library. An in depth look at Tiviot Dale station in Stockport, with some classic pictures of the station in its hey-day, also some pictures of its demise. A good read!
Past and Present pictures of various railway locations around the Grt Manchester area. It includes a couple of pictures of Great Moor station, Bolton, and the surrounding area. Well worth a look.


ISBN 1-870754-30-1
ISBN 0-9510302-8-0
ISBN 1-870119-49-5
The Industrial Railways of Bolton, Bury and the Manchester Coalfield is a in depth book looking at Industrial railways. Very in depth with detailed maps of the smaller railways in the area.
Picture and text based book looking at the railways of East Lancashire. Some excellent pictures of the railways in the area along with some great maps that we have used for reference.
Another excellent book - it covers a lot of the history and reflections from the Bolton areas. A good book.


ISBN 1-85306-869-1
ISBN 1-85058 688 8
Both Lost Railways of Merseyside & Greater Manchester and Lost Railways of Lancashire are by Gordon Suggitt, and are available at local book shops.
Both are published by Countryside Books:
North West Rail Trails - Gordon Suggitt. A follow on from his excellent Lost railway series, this book looks specifically at old railway routes as they are today and how they can followed on foot. The inclusion of his own maps add greatly to this very useful book


ISBN 1-87011981-9
ISBN 1-870119-43-6
Both by EM Johnson - Excellent books. This one covers the Woodhead route in its electrical days. A lot of great pictures in this book, along with technical data. A great read
The steam age of the Woodhead route - a great section on the Reddish Depot and Fallowfield Loop. Both of these are highly recommended.


ISBN 1-870119-20-7
ISBN 1-899624-18
ISBN 1-870119-55
I think this book is still in publication, its by the excellent E.M. Johnson, who has completed other books about the railways of South Manchester. A great book with a lo of historical references and pictures.
By Jeffrey Wells - a great book which covers the lines around Ashton, Miles Platting and Diggle. It covers a lot of the small industrial railways in the area too.
A little out of the Greater Manchester area, but still a great book. Written by ex steam train driver, Stuart Taylor, this book is a great read.


Canal Books

ISBN 0 7153 5417 5
IBSN 0907511791
ISBN 0 9519057 0 8
An old book that covers lost canals throughout the country. Some interesting descriptions of the canals as they were when this book was published (1971). Some fascinating pictures of canal history.
Historical look at life on the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal.
Specific walks around the Bury, Bolton and Salford area, based on the canal. Detailed maps and descriptions. We have covered some of these on our site.


ISBN 0 9519058 1 3
Pictorial history of the Bolton and Bury Canal. Some great pictures showing the canal as it was and sadly being filled in.


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